Why do you need the copy of my passport or another ID document?
The copy of your ID document we need to meet the requirements of the third parties involved in the claim processing, for instance the air companies. We take your privacy serious and keep your personal information completely safe. We never pass it to the third parties without your express consent. We also meet all the European personal information protection requirements.
Why do you need a Consent from me? What is its difference from the Power of Attorney?
The Consent is an important document making us entitled to represent your interests and claim compensation from the air company on all the stages of claim settlement and case study work. To our regret, the rules differ in different companies. So, one air company requires a Power of Attorney, another one asks for a passenger Consent. We ask you to sign the Consent in the process of application filing. Kindly read the whole document carefully, fill in the fields required (as necessary) and sign it in handwriting. Take a photo of it and send us.
Who shall sign the documents on behalf of minors?
If there are any passengers under 18 years old mentioned in your claim, all the documents including the Power of Attorney shall be signed by parent or legal guardian. Next to the signature the following phrase shall be added: «on behalf of ».
Why do you need such documents like e-ticket, boarding pass or ID?
These documents we need to confirm your flight data. Besides, they are required by third parties, for instance air companies, which may need your boarding pass as your check-in or boarding confirmation.
Which documents shall be submitted for application filing?
For filing with the air company to get your compensation you need the following documents: your e-ticket and signed Power of Attorneys of all the passengers listed in your application. Also processing your application we can ask you for additional documents, such as boarding pass, passport or ID and others. The set of documents depends on requirements of other parties involved: air companies, and in some cases – lawyers and courts.
What happens with my documents one they get to you? If they are protected?
We take your privacy serious and keep your personal information completely safe. We never pass it to the third parties without your express consent. We also meet all the European personal information protection requirements including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Why do you need so much information from me?
We understand that filling in the forms and search for documents is not worth entertaining, that’s why we make efforts to minimize this process, requiring just the information, which is crucial for your claim.
I have no e-ticket / boarding pass with me. What is to be done?
The e-ticket shall come to your e-mail address given by you while booking. Meaning that if you didn’t delete it, it’s still in your e-mail box. Try to search by air company name in “Inbox” and “Recycle bin” folders.
I bought the ticket by proxy. Can I expect compensation and to whom should I make a claim?
Regardless of how and who sold You the ticket You can get compensation. In all cases the airlines are responsible for the violation and claims for compensation are made to it. The easiest way to apply for compensation is to fill out a free application form on our website.
For how long can I submit a claim to the airline for compensation?
There are different requirements in different countries so it all depends on where is the main office of the airline located or the jurisdiction of the court of which country are the cases involving the carrier. But on average this period is about 6 years.
I lost my plane ticket. Is there a way to start the process of getting a refund without a ticket?
Yes, certainly. The most important thing is that you know the number of your flight, the airports of departure and arrival and the exact date when the flight took place. However, even with all the information about their passengers, airlines are not inclined to share it and may require documents (copies of the ticket, boarding pass, e. tickets) which are confirmed that You actually bought the ticket.
What documents will be needed so that you can represent my interests if the claim is submitted to the court?
If the airline rejects a reasonable claim for compensation to you without any reasons and we have to go to court we will need consent to represent your interests in court. We will inform you about it additionally.
Several persons (family members, friends, persons who were traveling together, etc.) together booked flights and all names are listed in the same booking document. Who should make a claim for compensation in this case?
At the same time you can make a claim for compensation in the name of each passenger whose ticket was booked together with Yours. You need to enter the details of each passenger into our system and the it will send them a link to the claim you have made and to the document they will have to sign if they want us to represent their rights. There is another choice: each passenger can make a claim for compensation for himself separately from other passengers.
Can I apply to the airline for compensation on my own?
Yes, you can. But airlines rarely agree to the payment of compensation hoping that individuals will not be persistent in their claims and will not go to court, as a rule. In most situations it works and airlines go unpunished.
I had to buy a ticket from another airline to get to my destination. Can I expect to be reimbursed for my flight and additional travel expenses?
All additional expenses which are confirmed by receipts: hotel expenses, meals, new tickets required to arrive at the desired destination must be paid by the airline immediately. In most situations there are no problems with compensation of these costs for air passengers.
What if my ticket was paid for by the organization by bank transfer? Who will receive compensation?
The right to compensation belongs ONLY to the PASSENGER. You will receive compensation.
You did not find the answer on your question?
If You are not sure that You are entitled to compensation or you have any other questions, please write to us -we will answer it promptly.