About ClaimOut

The aviation world record was set on the 28 of June, 2018. For the first time it was a record number of aircraft in the sky - 202 157 aircrafts. About 4 billion passengers use the services of all airlines in the world every year.

According to forecasts, in the nearest 20 years this number will grow 2 times. It was the first time in 2018 when more than 10 million air passengers suffered from delays and cancellations of flights around the world. According to experts forecasts, 2024 can be a record year for the number of canceled and delayed flights: 33 thousand per day or more than 12 million for the whole year.

We are flight compensation company and we support air travellers worldwide. A delayed flight, cancelled flight, denied boarding - if this happened to you in the airport and sky, we are eager to fight for your rights.

Team of ClaimOut supports travellers suffering from delays and cancellations and has developed unique legal technology to process a large amount of claims very quickly. Our clients receive payments up to €600 as compensation for their troubles.

Our main principles of work with you: Attentive service
We answer e‑mails and messages around the clock, on any given day, even in the morning of the first of January.
5 managers help you in the e‑mail center and chat around the clock. The average response time is one and a half minutes.
90% of problems are solved when you first contact us by e-mail or in your personal account.
What our clients say about us
ClaimOut, good evening! Thank you very much for getting the compensation. From the beginningI didn't believe in this, but decided to submit the application and wait for the outcome. It took three weeks for the ClaimOut company. I recommend this company to everyone. They are professionals in what they are doing. Thank you very much. Special thanks to Anna who is the customer service rep. She is a very sympathetic person.
Marina G.
Wizz Air, €480
I express my sincere gratitude to ClaimOut! You really help people. We asked you for help and just two months later we received €900 for two tickets. I wasn't expecting this. I recommend your company to everyone. We did not lose anything thanks to you. We give you 5+ points.
Air France, €900
Thank you very much for doing a good job. I was very pleased with the result of your work. Although it took 7 months, the result exceeded my expectations and I have received the money for my ruined flight. Thank you very much, ClaimOut.
Ninel K.
British Airways, €410
We have applied for a 5-hour flight delay from Bulgaria to Kiev. The money was returned quickly within a month. 25% is a fee for services but we were warned in advance.
Alex Ushev
Ukraine International Airlines, €255
It's a good company and convenient app! I successfully received compensation of €530 for the delay of my flight. I recommend this service to everyone!
Marina K.
Scandinavian Airlines, €530