Tacit rules of etiquette on the plane


During the flight, it is important for all passengers to respect each other. In addition to the fact that You need to follow the instructions of flight attendants and read the safety instructions, it is also desirable to remember about the elementary culture of behavior, simple etiquette, which so many people forget on the plane.

Картинки по запросу Tacit rules of etiquette on the plane

These 10 simple rules will help You not only to look decent in the eyes of other people on the plane but also demonstrate your upbringing and culture of behavior.

☘️ 1. Do not leave your children unattended.

Not everyone will be delighted with the screaming child near him or she, from running around the cabin or the sound of games and cartoons. In flight, many people want to relax and sleep, do not deprive them of this right. Also make sure that your child does not kick the back of the chair in front of him. The feeling of blows on the back is not the most pleasant.     

☘️ 2. Use the restroom culturally.

Do not occupy the toilet for a long time, unless your health requires it. Remember that on the plane other passengers have no way to find another toilet in the air. Leave the booth clean. And do not use the sink instead of the shower, spilling water everywhere.

☘️ 3. Do not use too smelly perfume.

Remember that the person next to You is in a confined space, some people can have allergies for too strong flavors.

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☘️ 4. Think about the possibility of sleep.

It is not necessary to prevent neighbors, arranging a bed to sleep on their shoulders, snoring at their very side, or leaning the whole mass on their hand. In advance, take care of a special pillow for the neck, so as not to fall on anyone and not to interfere.

☘️ 5. The middle seat gets the armrests.

Unlike passengers at the window or aisle, the middle seat is not equipped with a “guaranteed” armrest. Therefore, remember the tacit rule that the passenger in the middle uses two armrests, which do not have to rely on the extreme passengers.

☘️ 6. Never insist on communication.

Not everyone wants to get involved in your stories and conversations. A simple polite communication during the flight is enough, very restrained and tactful. If a person is not in the mood to talk do not require him to communicate.

☘️ 7. Be polite to the flight attendants.

They did not invent rules for passengers, so do not enter into disputes about the unfastened belt, seat backs, tables, etc. important comments during the flight. Also always say “thank you” and “please.” Never be rude.

Картинки по запросу ноги на сиденье в самолете

☘️ 8. Do not take other people’s places for luggage.

It is indecent to occupy the entire Luggage rack with hand Luggage leaving no place for other passengers. In the end, You are not traveling in a private plane, only in it all the places would be yours.

☘️ 9. Turn it down. Do not include movies, music or play games without headphones. But even when You will wear headphones remember that too loud sound will be audible for your neighbors. With this in mind, never set the volume to maximum.

☘️ 10. Don’t fall apart on the seat. It is not necessary to deflect back of the chair to much because the neighbor behind you is also a man and he also needs a place to rest. Just as you should not fall apart on the seat, as if You are lying at home on the couch. Do not interfere with the outstretched legs of the passengers in front of You, do not knock knees in the front seat, do not spread your hands and do not hit the elbows of neighbors.

Stay well-mannered and cultured person even in flight! After all, all these rules are quite simple and applicable.   

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