What to do if You lost your luggage?


Do not worry, usually in 90% of cases lost baggage at the airport is returned to its owner within two to three days. The airline is financially responsible for the safety of your suitcases so it is obliged to compensate for losses in case of loss or damage to your property. The main thing in this situation is not to panic and act correctly.

STEP 1. Contact the search Department.

Go to the Lost&Found bar or call an airline representative. You must officially declare the incident (this is very important) and perform the formalities that will help you return your things or get compensation. Documents and papers that you will need:

- passport;

- baggage tag;

- boarding pass.

At this bar you will need to fill in the documents, the set of which depends on the air carrier but in general they are identical.

STEP 2. Make an application for tracing of lost baggage.

This statement is made in two copies. When you are abroad it must be completed in English. If you do not speak the language you should ask the airport staff for help and provide them with the following information:

- Information about the owner of the luggage and the number of flight you were flying: full name, contacts and the address where you will be at the time of search;

- Description of your luggage: try to describe in detail the colour and texture, the indicia of your suitcases;

- Luggage contents: it is very important to write not just "two t-shirts", "four socks". You should describe in detail the distinctive features of the contents of your luggage. Perhaps there are souvenirs and some unusual things.

After completing all the formalities, the employee issues the case number and phone numbers, calling to which you can be interested in the results of the investigation.

If it is possible, you should attach to the application documentary evidence of the value of the lost things: it can be a check, receipt, statement and something like that.

STEP 3. Act, act and act.

Practice shows that active action is much better than simple handling and humble waiting. It is advisable to call a service search for things every day! But you should be prepared for the fact that you have to communicate with different employees and you will need to be repeated the history of the loss many times.

How can I get compensation for lost baggage?

If the situation does not change after 21 days you should prepare a claim for compensation.

In this case it is better to contact us, as we have a lot of experience and know how to seek compensation in such cases. We will help you to achieve the payment of the maximum possible compensation.

A nice bonus, if it can be called so, will be the return of the luggage after receiving compensation. And it happens! In this case you do not need to return anything to airline.

By Gleb Oshchepkov / August 23

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