Why Buy Tickets from Aggregators

Why Buy Tickets from Aggregators

Various airline

Several airlines fly between point A and B, and even with the possibility of different transfers. Flying with different airlines may be cheaper, which the aggregator will offer you, but the website of one airline does not have this option.

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Exclusive rates

Some tariffs are available only to aggregators and are not available on airline sites. In addition, you can buy tickets for charter flights on aggregators, but you cannot do this on the airline’s website.

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Stability of sites

It happens that an airline starts a sale and because of the influx of people the site cannot cope, and buying a ticket is quite problematic. Meanwhile, these same tickets can be bought without problems from the aggregator, and even for the same money.

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Return of “non-refundable” tickets

Often when buying a ticket from an aggregator, you can additionally get insurance for a small fee and make a “non-refundable” ticket refundable. No one will ask you why you want to return the ticket and after the return the money will be credited to your account.

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