22 Fun Things to Do on a Plane


Oh, the long flight. And in the Lotus position and with your legs up and with your head on the shoulder of a neighbor but You can not get to sleep.

What about to look at the flight as the time you are finally able to fully dedicate yourself? Here are some tips. Maybe they are a little crazy.

‼️1. The best gift is the one which was made by your own hands. Or half your. T-shirt with the inscription “I love (city name)” will not be the most sincere souvenir. It will be Better if while flying You will come up with creative text for postcards which You will send to friends or mom. It will be no need to rack your brains at the post office. You should believe that it is much more pleasant to find in the box the message than to go in a city shirt in which You never were.

‼️2. Download the music app to your phone and compose a melody or write a song.

‼️3. Take with you anti-stress coloring book with mandalas and pencils.

‼️4. Master the art of origami.

‼️5. Take a book that You wanted to read but there was not time.

‼️6. Download the audiobook which You you would like to read but it was laziness to read. Moreover, when You will hear the pleasant voice of a speaker faster you fall asleep.

‼️7. Upload to your tablet a new series which colleagues are actively discussing every morning and roll their eyes when You say that You did not watch it.

‼️8. Plan your days on the journey: where do You want to go, what do You want to see, scatter the sights on dates to roughly represent the picture of your vacation.

‼️9. What about to start a travel diary like in your childhood? Write down your thoughts and impressions. And then, in old age You will re-read it near the fireplace.

‼️10. Arrange a ten-minute stretch. Walk from one end of the plane to the other, pull the socks, stand on tiptoe. Climb over the neighbor, finally.

‼️11. Do breathing exercises. This will relax the body and slow down negative thoughts. Put one hand on your stomach, the other hand on your chest. Breathe in to stand only a hand on your chest. Then, vice versa, do to walking up hand on your stomach. Then alternate. Take a short breath and a long exhale. Take a deep breath for 4 counts and a slow exhale for 8 counts.

‼️12. Arrange an hour of beauty. Wipe your face with a tonic, put a cloth mask, apply the cream.

‼️13. Come up with an alternative story of your life. Become someone else, wake up the alter ego. You are a secret millionaire and You are flying to choose an island. Or You are flying to speak at a scientific conference with a report. Anything. If You are sure that You will not see your neighbor again.

‼️14. If You are with friends You can play truth or dare. You can learn something new or see how your friend is trying to kiss a neighbor.

‼️15. Process your photos for Instagram. Why not? When else You will have so much free time.

‼️16. You have not got Instagram? Never mind. Just delete the bad photos where You are smiling in all your teeth with your eyes which are closed, or pictures on which were accidentally photographed the feet or the screen, or the famous photo with a finger.

‼️17. Organize the space of your phone. Maps in one folder, messengers in another, music applications in the third.

‼️18. Work. It’s like the cases which You have been putting off have are piled up. Make a business plan or just a list of what You will do at work when you return. Plus is that ahead of you vacation and You are not much upset plans for work, vice versa. And it will return You to everyday life during the return flight.

‼️19. Take a PhraseBook and learn phrases in the language which is spoken in the country where You are flying. Or download the app in advance. And from the airport You can already flash knowledge.

‼️20. Eat. Yes, eat. All sorts of delicious snacks are a special pleasure in the air. You get distracted while you open the pack and devour the candy. However, should not get involved too much, it can make You feel yourself bad.

‼️21. Drink. What’s left.

‼️22. If all of the above successfully failed, just close your eyes, count the sheep and try to sleep.

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