What can you do if your flight is delayed or even canceled?


Just imagine, you are at the airport waiting for the  boarding when your flight is canceled. Or maybe you found this out just  before you arrive at the airport? Like many other people, you will be distressed, angry and annoyed. However, what can you do about it? It may have or may have not been the airline's fault. As a consumer, do you have any recourse? The answer is YES.

In fact, following a landmark ruling in court in the EU (Europe Union) passengers can claim for compensation. However, this will vary from case to case and also from one region to another.

What Are You Entitled To?

The cancellation of the flight entitles you to the following:

  1. A Full Refund

You have the legal right to seek for the compensation from an airline. This should cover all the costs and expenses you have incurred in the courses of booking, arriving at the airport. It will include the cost of the flight/ fare, a cab ride to the airport, food and drinks, and more. It is necessary that you have everything documented. This will come in the form of receipts, payment slips and more. You can follow up with the airline. Alternatively, if they prove difficult or seem dodgy, then you can contact the local authority that is in charge of the aviation sector. NB: The above procedure also applies on return or onward flights.

  1. A Replacement Flight

You also have an option of getting a replacement flight. This will depend on whether your time schedule allows for this. If it is then you will be placed in the next available flight at the airline's cost. If your timetable doesn't agree or you chose not to be bumped into a flight, you can ask for the full refund. If you are in between or partway through the journey, and you do not want the replacement flight accorded to you, you are still within your legal rights to ask the service provider to take you back at the previous destination you booked for their flight. Whenever you decide not to take the replacements flight, it’s important that you notify someone from the airlines. Ensure that the conversation or communication is documented.

  1. Cost Recovery

If the cancellation delays you by more than 3 hours, you are legally entitled to help with the cost. The service provider should foot all the costs and expenses that you accumulated during the delay or cancellation. And as earlier stated, it's paramount that you keep all the receipts and slips of expenditure. If the cancellation leads to a delay of more than 3 hours, and they suggest a replacement flight that will take longer, they should cover the cost of accommodation, food, drinks, telephone access, email access, journeys from the hotel to airport and vice versa. NB: This applies if they notified you in a period shorter than 2 weeks.

As you can see from the above, you have recourse when your flight is canceled. However, you need to understand the basics and know the available options. You may go for a full refund or accept a replacement flight at no extra charge.

And the good news are -

And we are here to help you with the compensation. As we all know sometimes it takes a lot of time and strength to fight with the airlines. And we will do all the job for you. Just let us know about the situation and we start working for you! We are one click away – and your compensation as well.

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