The most dangerous tourist routes in the world



Despite the fact that our planet has existed for millions of years, many events, phenomena and places fraught with danger still remain a mystery for humanity. Going on another trip You should take note of the following information to avoid risk and be prepared for the unexpected things.                                                                                                        

1. Snake island 👉

About 20 miles off the coast of Brazil, in the South Atlantic Ocean, an isolated mountainous island of 110 acres sits completely alone. The closest island is at least 10 miles away and is only a fraction of the size. What makes this 110 acre island special is who, or rather what, lives there - pretty much nothing. Nothing but an estimated 400,000 of the world’s most deadly poisonous snakes! There is an island on the planet, where one square meter accounts for up to six individuals scaly reptiles. It is not known why it is one island in the Atlantic ocean which was chosen by these dangerous animals. Surprisingly that snakes are the only inhabitants of this territory. The island of snakes can be called the main serpentarium of the planet, the journey to which is very dangerous for obvious reasons. 

2. California 👉

Interesting thing is that the coast of California is also included in the list of the most dangerous places on the planet. It is so because of the huge accumulation of white sharks that like to hunt almost at the shore. Every year in the waters of this city people die, becoming victims of ruthless predators. But this does not scare many fans of water sports, in particular surfers, who arrange a massive swim in California, risking their lives.

3. Danakil 👉

This desert is located in Ethiopia and it is one of the most terrible places where you can dare to travel. The fact is that the air temperature here reaches +50, and the poisonous gases which are contained in the atmosphere are harmful to humans. In addition, the desert is famous for frequent powerful earthquakes. It is said that if there is hell, it is certainly under Danakil. Despite this, the landscape of the desert is very colorful and incredibly beautiful. But this beauty is deadly  so You should leave the idea to see it using your own eyes.

4. Washington Mount 👉

On top of the mountain in Washington many lives were buried. This area is incredibly dangerous because of the unprecedented strength of the winds. On ordinary days the wind speed here reaches 100 m/s, and the record was recorded in 1934 - 370 meters! Such a force can easily wipe out a house, not to mention the desperate travelers who decided to climb here.

5. Bermuda triangle 👉

This place is one of the most dangerous zones on the planet for many years. The phenomenon of the triangle was studied by hundreds of scientists. There are theories why in the water surface in this area disappear not only people but also the whole ships. Some people associate it with a mystical parallel dimension, others - with UFOs, others - with otherworldly forces. Guesses a lot but nobody know the truth. We only know that in this area of the sea technology fails, people experience hallucinations, and also this place gives rise to cyclones so which is why it is considered the birthplace of storms.

The list of dangerous places can be continued for a long time. There could enter both Chernobyl, and Dyatlov pass, the road of death and still many other territories which have got  thousands of human lives. There are brave people  who defy danger but if you are not one of them - try to avoid trips to places from the “black” list. Adrenaline can be obtained in other safer ways.


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