Secret Airplane Bedrooms

Secret Airplane Bedrooms

Did you have any idea that many long-range planes have secret sleeping places?

Usually they are located above the main salon and you can get there using a secret staircase hidden behind an inconspicuous door. This so called “bedroom” can be in the shape of a container and located in the luggage compartment, and it is installed there only during certain flights and you can get there through the hatch in the floor.

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Of course, these bedrooms are designed for the crew and resemble capsule hotels. It’s hard even to sit in such “capsules”, but there is excellent ventilation, individual lighting, and sometimes there is even an entertainment system. Tt’s a pity there are no windows. Not all airlines have such sleeping places, but basically only those that have long routes and are serviced by shift crews. And it happens that the crew rests on regular passenger seats, having closed with a curtain, because the airline decided not to spend money on special sleeping places.

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