Protection From Birds Collisions


Birds pose a serious threat to aircraft as during flight as on the runway. Unfortunately, a collision with birds is not uncommon in civil aviation and the annual damage to the world's airlines from such accidents, according to experts, is more than $ 1 billion a year, what is very much.

If birds bring such huge losses, there is even a special direction in science - aviation ornithology, which studies the patterns of collision of aircraft with birds, and also there are biological and technological ways to deal with such incidents. According to Russian and international legislation, special airport services are responsible for the safety of aircraft.

They use bioacoustics installations, which are placed around the perimeter of airports to deter birds. Such installations reproduce the voices of several species of birds and provide protection of the territory within a radius of about 200 meters.

Airports are also armed with pyrotechnics. These are all sorts of firecrackers and so on what scaring birds with sharp sounds but not causing them harm. And at the moments of greatest bird activity, aircraft move within the runway with their headlights on for additional safety and bird deterrence.

It is interesting that in addition to modern technical means, their natural enemies - predator birdshelp to scare away birds. For example, employees of Domodedovo and Vnukovo Airports use specially trained falcons and hawks. The same practice exists at the airport in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, New York, as well as in many other cities around the world.

And at Amsterdam Airport and in some other settlements people found modern solution for modern problem - the drone in the image of a predator bird which patrols the Harbor of the clock scares birds.

Gas guns are another means of dealing with intruders on the runway. The micro-explosions produced by them have a noise level of up to 150 dB and resemble the sounds of gunfire. In addition, birds are repelled by laser installations, which are particularly effective in the morning and evening hours.

Abroad, a popular assistant in the fight against such accidents are specially trained dogs. Airport staff with dogs constantly patrol the area, driving away birds what is highly effective. So, thanks to service dogs, the military airfield in the state of Delaware almost halved the cost of repair of equipment affected by the collision with birds.

One of the mandatory conditions to reduce the number of collisions with birds is the removal of landfills at a considerable distance from the airports, as waste storage facilities are a food base for birds as rule.

Such a variety of ways to deal with birds due to the fact that no one of them gives 100% efficiency. Despite the measures taken, the number of collisions with birds is increasing every year, following the increase air traffic in world. Therefore, if suddenly your flight was delayed or cancelled because of birds - contact us and we will help You get a compensation for the inconvenience caused by the bird.

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