Funny Stories from Flight Attendants

Funny Stories from Flight Attendants

Working as a flight attendant is hard work, because they are responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers. In addition, passengers do not always behave appropriately and politely. Fortunately, there are also very funny airline clients who create comical situations and make the gray routine of flight attendants more fun. We would like to tell you about such cases.

Getting a sleep mask? No, thank you.

Those who do not want to spend money on sleep products have to be creative. One flight attendant spoke about an unusual client who went to the toilet and got himself a huge piece of toilet paper. He wrapped it around his head and secured his invention with a regular stationery rubber, which is used for money, thereby replacing a sleep mask.

Pretty hurts.

Once there was a woman who got on board in a bathrobe, curlers and without makeup, which attracted all passengers and cabin crew. Being asleep the entire flight, an hour before landing, she went to the toilet with a bag and disappeared there for half an hour. The flight attendants were already thinking of checking on her, but after a moment the door opened and a woman came out from there in an elegant dress, with beautiful hair and a chic make-up.

A flight is not a reason to postpone a training.

A husband, a wife and children entered the plane. When the man sat quietly near the window, and the children rushed around the airplane, the woman, without feeling embarrassed, did yoga. She used the seats as equipment, with the help of which she took the most incredible poses. And so it went until the captain of the aircraft asked the passengers to fasten their seat belts as they were landing.

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