How to save money on the air tickets?


Going on a business trip, nobody thinks about the cost of tickets because all the waste in this case will take over your employer and it's great!

But it's quite another thing when we go on vacation or on holidays - everything has to be paid from your wallet! And here comes the time when everyone wants to save money, and the first that comes to mind - is the cost of tickets.

In this article we will tell you about the ways which will help You save money on tickets and which of them are really useful and which of them You should not use.


Many who often travel knows that if as early as possible You book and buy tickets, they will cost much cheaper. It often happens that on the same plane on the adjacent seats fly people who paid for the flight completely different amount of money: one, for example, laid out for a ticket $ 200, and the other paid only $ 120.

And this is a great way to save money for travellers who have already planned their vacation in advance. Savings in this case can reach 50% of the ticket price. Start searching for the cheapest tickets is better about two months before the alleged flight.

We recommend this method of saving money only when you have already set up a time of your vacation because in most cases cheap tickets can not be returned!


In the period from Friday to Sunday, as well as on holidays tickets are more expensive than on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And sometimes the price difference is very significant. Another feature - this rule does not work on popular business areas because they mostly fly just on weekdays. There is also a small life hack: search for tickets you are in need early in the morning or late at night because the majority of people engaged in the search for tickets during the day or after work so search engine tickets instantly change prices, responding to demand.


Absolutely all airlines sell tickets cheaper if you buy a round-trip ticket than when you buy tickets separately or in one direction. This may seem incredible and illogical but some companies sell a one-way ticket for more money than a round-trip ticket. 


Almost all airlines sometimes arrange special offers and seasonal sales. Often, special offers for individual routes and dates appear throughout the year and you can follow the news of the company and do not miss the moment.


Purchase tickets in low-cost airlines will help You save quite a lot of money especially if you fly short distance and without big luggage. Low-cost airlines, in fact, sell only a place on the plane - for all additional services, like baggage, food on board and another in most cases you will have to pay separately, but without them it is possible to do. 

Basically, the disadvantage of such flights – frequent non-compliance with flight schedules and delays or cancellations. But even this disadvantage can be offset by the fact that you can always contact us for air compensation and get up to €600 for a delay or cancellation of the flight.

By Gleb Oshchepkov / August 21

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