Interesting Facts About Airlines, Airplanes and Air Travel

Interesting Facts About Airlines, Airplanes and Air Travel

Interesting facts about airlines, airplanes and air travel

Traveling is super fun and exciting. Statistically, traveling on an airplane is by far the safest way to travel, but that doesn’t reason with everyone. There are a lot of people who have a fear of flying on planes and those who have a fear of height. definitely not a comfortable and relaxing experience for everyone. For many people, being on a plane means having absolutely no control over your life. Being suspended 35,000 feet in air is enough for them to avoid flying on planes. Other than that, experiencing things like turbulence hits an extreme with such people. It’s absolutely horrifying as they’re never certain about landing safely in the first place. 

There are so many terrifying facts about airplanes and airlines that many experts don’t want you to know. Compiled below is a list of some scary truths about airplanes and flying. 

1. The tank is never full. Planes never take off with a full tank. The reason being unnecessary load and waste. Authorities believe extra fuel can lead to extra waste and thus never full up the tank completely. Many airlines schedule take-offs with half-empty tanks and play it safe. In case the plane runs out of fuel, the pilot can land the plane at an alternate airport instead. 

2. Afternoon flights are really dangerous. In case of an afternoon flight, pilots have to face turbulence with uncertainty. They are really bad for turbulence. There is a very high chance of facing thunderstorms, darkness and bumpy air in afternoon. Pilots face a lot of struggle in case of turbulence during afternoon flights especially. 

3. Turbulence is scary. It causes the plane to start shaking and the passengers inside have no control over it. It is scary, but not dangerous.  Updrafts are dangerous. Pilots fear updrafts.  Updrafts can cause potential danger to the plane.  Updrafts occur when warm air shifts up during thunderstorms. If any plane comes in contact with an updraft, that plane can be pushed up in the sky against wind and reach dangerous heights.  This is one of the major reasons flights get canceled during thunderstorms. 

4. Planes are dirty. When on tight schedules, planes rarely have the chance to get cleaned up for other passengers.  The pillows and blankets are pre-used and not washed. Hygienically, planes aren’t really clean and spotless. Previous passengers might leave viruses and bacteria around and airlines don’t really wash and clean pre-used amenities before handing them out. 

5. Oxygen masks only last for 15 minutes. They only have about 13 minutes of oxygen in them. There is a limited supply of oxygen in case of an emergency landing.

6. Almost every flight carries a corpse on board. As horrifying as it sounds, it is true. Dead bodies or organs don’t travel to other countries miraculously. Which is why planes have the chance to transport dead bodies over short distances.

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