New World Record

New World Record

On March 15, the Boeing 787-9 of Air Tahiti Nui updated its world record for flight length. It performed a flight length of 15,715 kilometres from Papeete (French Polynesia) to the airport of Paris.

Air Tahiti Nui Operate World Longest Domestic Flight -

The previous record belonged to Singapore Airlines from Singapore to New York, the flight length was 15344 km. But there is a small nuance, this flight was associated with the coronavirus epidemic and was performed once, but the Singapore – New York flight is a regular one. However, this is the longest non-stop domestic flight in history.

It should also be noticed that the longest flights do not have to be classified by distance between airports. Aircraft do not fly strictly in a straight line and therefore, if you take the actual distance of the flight, it often exceeds 16,000 kilometres.

Singapore Airlines launches world's longest flight - 19 hrs with ...

For instance, let’s take a flight from Delhi to San Francisco - planes fly in such a way as to get into high-altitude jet stream, due to which it is possible to save fuel and travel time. And on this flight you can make the fastest round-the-world trip without getting out into space. But this is not it! There are even longer flights - up to 21602 kilometres, however, it is either planes being transferred from one place to another or charters with a minimum number of passengers.

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